Request for Proposals (RFP):  Design of Shared Services  


Request for Proposals (RFP):  Design of Shared Services  

Issue Date: 17th July 2023 

Closing Date: 7th August 2023 at 5 PM 

Please direct questions to: 

Alexia Riche  




The Community Sector Network of PEI (CSNPEI) in partnership with Creative PEI and United Way of PEI is accepting proposals for the design of a shared service initiative. This RFP provides qualified consultants* with a project overview, deliverables, deadline, budget, and criteria against which submissions will be evaluated. 

 *“Consultants” is used to represent an individual/ group/ firm/ consultant/ agency/ etc. 


CSNPEI, Creative PEI, and United Way of PEI all have the mandate to support organizations in the community sector. The Community sector refers to a range of organizations, groups, and initiatives that work to address social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues in local, national, or global communities. These organizations and groups may be nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, community development organizations, advocacy groups, and volunteer organizations.  


Towards this end, we want to establish a shared service initiative that will provide various services to the community sector in PEI. This initiative aims to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and foster collaboration among organizations, thereby contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the sector. 


Scope of Work 

The selected consultant will be responsible for performing the following tasks: 


  • Review existing feasibility studies and consult with relevant stakeholders to identify the services that are most in-demand with PEI’s nonprofits. 
  • Design a scalable, flexible shared services model that addresses one or more of the identified needs. 
  • Develop a comprehensive 5-year implementation plan, including timelines, budget, resource allocation, risk mitigation strategies, and stakeholder engagement. 
  • Define the governance structure and operational framework for the shared services initiative, ensuring clarity in roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes. 
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish a monitoring and evaluation framework to track the progress and effectiveness of the shared services initiative. 
  • Develop a persuasive proposal that clearly articulates the shared service implementation plan, governance structure, operational framework, expected outcomes, and the financial support required from funders. 


The budget for this project is not to exceed $10 000 


RFP Proposal Submission Requirements  

Proposals should outline the consultant’s familiarity with shared services.   


  • Profile 

Provide an overview of the qualifications, expertise, and roles of the people who will be involved in the project.  


  • Methodology 

Outline the approach and methodology you will employ to design the shared services initiative, including any tools, frameworks, or best practices. 


  • Work Plan 

Provide a detailed work plan that outlines the activities, timelines, and milestones for each phase of the project. 


  • Budget 

Present a comprehensive budget, including a breakdown of costs associated with each phase of the project. 


  • References 

Include three references of individuals who can speak to your experience in conducting projects of similar scope.  


  • Conflict of Interest 

Disclose any conflicts or perceived conflicts of interest. 


Application Review Criteria 

The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria: 

A)  Experience and Qualifications (35 %)

B)  Approach (35%)

C)  Value and cost (30%)


Deadline and Delivery 

Proposals shall be submitted electronically in PDF format to the  

Community Sector Network of PEI 

Attention: Alexia Riche 



The deadline for the submission of a Proposal is 5 PM on 7th August 2023. Selection will follow by 21st August 2023. 


All work needs to be completed by January 31st 2024. 


Acceptance or Rejection of Proposal 

CSNPEI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and may waive minor errors or omissions in any proposal.  


Ownership of Intellectual Materials 

All data collected and all resulting materials prepared by the consultant will be the exclusive property of CSNPEI, Creative PEI and United Way of PEI who reserve ownership rights to all ideas and concepts developed. 


Termination of Contract 

Either the consultant or CSNPEI may terminate the contract, once awarded, at any time upon giving notice in writing at least thirty days prior to the date of termination without penalty or recourse. In the event of such termination, the consultant will be paid for services up to and including the date of termination. 

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