New Comprehensive Anti-Racism Policies Template and Supporting Document Released to Aid Nonprofit Organizations

In a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and equity within the nonprofit sector, the Community Sector Network of PEI, with funding support from the provincial government’s Anti-Racism Grant initiative, has released a pivotal Anti-Racism Policies Template and a detailed Supporting Document. These resources are designed to assist nonprofit organizations in implementing effective anti-racism strategies and creating a more inclusive environment.


Empowering Nonprofits to Lead in Anti-Racism Efforts

The Anti-Racism Policies Template is a comprehensive guide that provides actionable steps for nonprofit organizations to develop and sustain anti-racist policies. It covers essential areas such as governance, employment and human resources, volunteer management, professional development, program design, community engagement, external communication, data collection, and implementation sustainability.

The Supporting Document offers in-depth explanations and additional resources to enhance the usability and impact of the template. Together, these documents aim to empower nonprofits to become leaders in the fight against racism and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Key Features of the Anti-Racism Policies Template:

  • Governance: Strategies for fostering diversity and anti-racist practices within leadership and board governance.
  • Employment and Human Resources: Inclusive recruitment, onboarding, career management, and retention practices.
  • Volunteers and Volunteer Management: Building trust and creating an inclusive culture for volunteers.
  • Professional Development: Continuous education and training on anti-racism for staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Program Design: Developing inclusive programs that address the needs of BIPOC communities.
  • Community Engagement: Effective engagement and partnership strategies with BIPOC communities.
  • External Communication: Using inclusive language and imagery in public-facing materials.
  • Data Collection: Ethical collection and use of race-related data to guide strategic planning.
  • Implementation and Sustainability: Ensuring long-term commitment and continuous improvement of anti-racist practices.


“We are thrilled to offer these invaluable resources to nonprofit organizations,” said Alexia Riche, Executive Director of the Community Sector Network of PEI. “By providing a structured approach to implementing anti-racist policies, we hope to inspire meaningful change and foster a more inclusive community for everyone.”


The Anti-Racism Policies Template and the Supporting Document are free for download on our website. 

CSNPEI Anti-Racism Policies Template pdf

CSNPEI Anti-Racism Policies Template – Word document

CSNPEI Supporting Document for Anti-Racism Policies Template

Anti-Racism Glossary


CSNPEI contracted Social Fabric Institute to assist with the development of these essential resources. Social Fabric Institute conducted a comprehensive review of existing literature on anti-racism policies and strategies appropriate for nonprofit organizations, as well as the lived experiences of racism in PEI. Social Fabric Institute also identified and engaged with relevant stakeholders to gain insight into the needs and challenges nonprofits face in developing anti-racism policies and strategies. The results of this research and engagement were analyzed to inform the creation of the Anti-Racism Policies Template.


For more information about the Anti-Racism Policies Template and Supporting Document, please contact Alexia Riche at

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