You are the Expert!

We firmly believe that everyone has something valuable to share. With the "You Are the Expert!" Workshop Series, we aim to empower individuals within our community to step into the spotlight and share their unique knowledge, skills, and experiences with others.


About the Initiative

Imagine a space where the everyday heroes of our community—people like you and me—step into the spotlight to share their passions, skills, and experiences with others. That's exactly what the "You Are the Expert!" Workshop Series is all about.

A series of virtual workshops where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to teach and learn from one another, all free of charge.

But what sets this initiative apart is its heart. It's a celebration of the knowledge that exists within our community, regardless of formal qualifications or titles.

In these workshops, facilitators—ordinary people with extraordinary passions—volunteer their time to lead discussions, share insights, and inspire others. And participants, whether beginners or experts themselves, come to soak up new skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a culture of collaboration and learning.

At its core, the "You Are the Expert!" Workshop Series is about building a community where everyone's expertise is valued and where learning is a collective journey, not a solitary pursuit.

So, whether you're eager to share your own expertise or simply curious to learn something new, we invite you to join us in this empowering and inclusive initiative. Together, let's show the world that when it comes to knowledge, everyone has something valuable to contribute.

How it Works

Facilitator complete intake form

Interested facilitator complete the intake form to provide more details about their proposed workshop.

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We will contact facilitators to confirm the logistics of the workshops. 

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We will share the workshop details on our website, social media, and newsletter.

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All workshops will be online to make them accessible to a wider range of people.

Benefits for Facilitators

As a workshop facilitator, you'll have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on your expertise, connect with fellow community members, and contribute to the collective knowledge of our community sector. Your insights and expertise will be valued and appreciated by participants, and you'll play a vital role in promoting lifelong learning and professional development.


Benefits to Participants

Participating in the "You Are the Expert!" Workshop Series is completely free of charge! Whether you're looking to learn new skills, explore interesting topics, or connect with like-minded individuals, our workshops offer something for everyone. Plus, with workshops being conducted virtually, you can join from anywhere at any time.


Workshop Intake Form

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